Detoxification is my most successful diet.


Detoxification is my most successful diet.

Before I started working out, I used to see the beginning of the New Year as an opportunity to “detox” or start a New Year with a “healthy” diet. No matter it is an annoying angry boyfriend do juice purification three days (we broke up, it’s okay), or trying to eliminate a week of food categories, the intention to healthy thing didn’t make my body feel good. In fact, I felt terrible, and I was really deprived of it.

How did the mother lose 20 pounds and get the best of her life?

However, this year I tried out a new way of cleaning – a won’t let me feel deprived or deceived method, one is, won’t make the voice of my belly full of hunger and complain: “Detox” 5 degrees (Tone It Up 5 – Day Detox). It was only five days, but it was better than my day and three days of juice cleaning.i also learned how to make a successful diet. I was also very comfortable with this plan, so I decided to continue this plan for five days!

Since I first introduced TIU in 2016, I have been a big fan of the Tone It Up nutrition program, community and brand. Since then, I’ve been focusing on different challenges, trying out so many recipes and implementing many aspects of my diet. That is to say, in all the challenges and plans I have tried, this short, sweet New Year’s detox is my most successful. Here are some of the reasons I like eating, and what I learned from experience.

There’s no “one thing” that will make you healthy, but it’s a game plan.

The length of the

I think it comes down to psychology. According to my experience, a longer diet can make you feel like there is an inner error space. If you plan for eight weeks, brownie or a slice of pizza twice won’t spoil the overall plan. But it’s easier for you to really stick to a plan, if you’re only doing it for five days. When the plan is so short, each day and every choice becomes more valuable.

In the resolution of the New Year, we often grind our teeth and set goals that are impossible to achieve and fight for failure. Starting on January 1st, the two-month plan may be frustrating, but by staying realistic, we feel (and we) more control over our results.


Poison part is my favorite, I have like to eat food: frozen mango, ginger, green smoothies, delicious soup and delicious soup, delicious jia or dark chocolate pudding dessert (yes, I said dessert). Actually eating anything you like is important for any diet. Keep trying new recipes and foods until you find something. The diet plan may surprise you!

The concrete plan is you eat five meals a day, add green tea or coffee in the morning (and the metabolism of a pure and fresh “ridicule”), and optional dessert (read: I chose this option), a lot of water every day 90 ounces), and need more calories appendage. I feel satisfied. It’s hard to be hungry when you eat and drink, or you need something to eat.

It’s worth noting that while you’re eating all day, you’re not eating milk, sugar, alcohol, Fried foods, prepackaged foods, processed foods or grains. And I know it sounds crazy, but I really don’t miss or crave any of these foods because I’m very happy with what I eat.

To prepare

My biggest gain is that preparation really is the key to everything. This program provides you with a detailed list, including what you want to buy, how to store your fridge, what is “approved” a week, when to eat, when to use additional recipes exchange, if you want to customize it.

Going to do at the beginning of the week, including a large number of soup, many fine pudding, morning snack (referred to as “M2” in the plan) macaroons and chopped salad, you can be stored in your refrigerator, and take with you go to the office This makes five days so much easier. I never wanted to know what to eat for every meal.

The relevant

Feel like a bad guy, his whole body dumbbell exercise.

Don’t drink.

I’ve said that, but reducing alcohol is one of the most transformative parts of my personal health journey. Although the standard TIU program does not eliminate alcohol (in fact, they are moderate drinkers… ), but it’s true for five days of detoxification. If you can’t go on a full day in January, you can definitely do five days without drinking – trust me.

The result? Eliminate empty excess calories, avoid hangovers, prevent morning exercise, be lighter, more energetic, and have clearer skin.


Five days of detox has a daily list of actions (no equipment, easy to do at home), plus the exercise you can do on the Studio Tone It Up application. I also added my own training, including SoulCycle (five times), the Core40 Megaformer, and a tone course in the general assembly (a new gym space in SF).

I may have some excessive on aerobic exercise (sometimes too much aerobic exercise make my stomach uncomfortable, and in the fifth day of the week must be), but beyond that, I feel very strong, full of energy!

Life detox

One of my favorite parts of the program is calling out the “detox” and “detox” areas of your life. In this week, your task is to keep your conversation easy and positive, organize your workout clothes, wardrobe, pantry and refrigerator, set the intention, to make your bed every day, extra sleep, drink more water, and create a bedtime routine smallest technology time.

I send this as an opportunity to disentangle the packaging from my holiday travel, on my dresser to complete my KonMari meeting, do a lot of washing clothes, really hit the pause button on my own. In fact, I spent the day at the end of the row poison off my apple watches, put the phone in “do not disturb” position, and frantically organized (except some diary). Checking my list feels good and organizes my life.

Usually at the end of a program or diet, I say, “yes, I did! Time for waffles.” After five days of detox, I actually had muffins, and I jumped back.

My skin was completely clear, my energy increased a little, and I did feel a little slimmer and warmer. I won’t weigh myself, but I’m very confident about my body’s results.

I’m not going to give her sugar – preparation is hard. It must have taken me a lot of time (I sent my groceries!). Make soups, baked macaroons and chicken, whip puddings, make smoothie and salad packs. And then clean it up.

All this says that the work is worth the result. I learned that I had the ability to eat a healthier diet than I did – no feeling like I missed – just a little more planning. If I make a meal for yourself every week, I can save the take-away and go out to eat lunch, save super, great food, let them really makes me feel good, and not just at a convenient time. Brunch with your girlfriend on Tuesday night is a lot better than a Tuesday night scone, because you don’t know what to eat – do you know what I mean?


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