Tiffany was from 2XL to a small size in a year – she didn’t go to the gym.


Tiffany was from 2XL to a small size in a year – she didn’t go to the gym.

Tiffany’s transformation has been jarring, not only because she lost 65 pounds a year, but also because she didn’t “lose weight” or go to the gym. Tiffany told POPSUGAR: “I decided to 100 percent commit to using junk food. No more candy, soda, or anything else, I went to milk and gluten-free.

Tiffany said she lost more than 20 pounds in the first few months after eliminating dairy products, feeling better than my life, without a desire for control or anything, just content.

Instead of as a member of the fitness club, Tiffany and do mad Max 30 at home, this is very challenging, but she just changed the move, to do their best to do it, “began as a temporary stop breathing.

“It’s nice to have a real smile again, really happy.”

Tiffany has celebrated some very large non-proportional victories, like finding clothes she likes, rather than the right clothes. “When I go shopping, I always buy anything XL, don’t try it, because I don’t want to face it, may be too small for me, my last heap piles of clothes, I don’t think I’m too ashamed, unable to recover. “Now tiffany is proud to find cute clothes, regardless of size, and even trying them on in the dressing room is fun!

Now her diet includes:

Breakfast: a large protein shake with collagen, fruit and cashew milk.

Lunch: lean meat with vegetables (ground Turkey, chicken, etc.)

Dinner: big salad, no dairy or chicken.


Starting at 414 pounds, Noelle dropped 210 pounds.

For snacks, she said: “I like RXBAR, they are super clean, full of flavor, I also like apples, peanut butter, carrots or some raw food, I try to reduce eating snacks, because it may increase the risk of unnecessary calories. I’m going to drink a ton of water.

The key to her motivation is to support her “right family” on Instagram. Share, “she said:” people send message to me every day, told me that they are their motivation, they are to lose weight, because I believe that they can reach the goal, for many people it gives me my objectives, I can’t let them down, I hope everyone can realize the life I wish to achieve change.

Another great motivator is to remember that she has been feeling uncomfortable, sad and depressed. “I don’t want to do that anymore,” tiffany said. She spent time with her children and loved being able to “bring them to the beach without embarrassment! I can never put them on food.

The relevant

Gabriella, who lost 170 pounds because of her “fat, cute girl face”, was ill.

Tiffany for those who lose weight advice is: “don’t go on a diet, eat healthy, maintain body movement is effective, starvation diet, diet pills, packaging – are temporary, solve the real problem will give you the real, lasting solution. ”

Be patient, too. “don’t be too quick!” Tiffany continues: “when you lose weight correctly, it slows down, and learns to do that and love the process! This is a journey, not a destination.


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