The fourth person died in a new high-speed train in Florida.


The fourth person died in a new high-speed train in Florida.

BAYTON BEACH, fla. (AP) – bells jingle and lights flicker for 15 seconds before a high-speed train crosses Jeffrey king’s death. Five seconds later, the new Brian Wright train in Florida has disappeared.

On Wednesday, the king became the fourth person to be killed by the Brightline train, since a new high-speed passenger service in Florida began testing early last year. His death was the train started paying passengers on Saturday for the first time, but just barely: Melissa Ann talavera is run in a demonstration on Friday night on the train killed by a train.

Some, including senator Bill Nelson of the United States, questioned the safety of Brightline, but others wondered what the company could do differently.

Police said the king and ravel had ignored the bells and lights, bypassed the gate and tried to beat the Brightline train, which had hit more than 70 miles (112 kilometers) per hour on the boyton beach.

One person was convicted of suicide: an 18-year-old woman jumped out of the black forest fire car and tried boca raton in July. Last November, a woman killed near fort lauderdale was convicted of an accident.

Thomas Robinson, the retired film art director, said on Thursday that “it is shocking that some people have actually been killed here.” Not long after, the 22 Brightline daily trains sped past the quiet downtown of boynton beach. He said he walked at least once a day, always looking on both sides of the track, and didn’t believe in the bells and lights. “My mother always tells me.”

The safety problem in the U.S. rail track is a problem faced by old customers and freight companies across the country. In the first 10 months of 2017, 831 people were killed by train accidents, including 69 in Florida, according to the Federal Railroad Administration. Another 143 people committed suicide during the period. The number of accidental deaths jumped from 2016 to 736, with 266 deaths. Most accidents occur when people ignore the bell and the gate, or cross the intersection.

The death made the state’s first high-speed railway, Brightline, appear. The private company began carrying paying passengers on a limited 40-mile (64-kilometer) route between fort lauderdale and west palm beach on Saturday. Later this year, the service plans to expand to Miami and Orlando by 2020. The company will issue $1.2 billion in bonds to help create incentives to connect west palm beach and Orlando.

Brightline has to overcome security, congestion and noise concerns to get approval, and some cities along the route disagree. Brightline over the past year to run a TV, radio and print advertising, and held the community activities, emphasizing the pedestrians and drivers need to be vigilant, don’t in unattended locations through, also don’t bypass the door.

“The security system is designed to prevent and protect people from accidents that have occurred in recent days,” the company said in a statement on Thursday. “these systems are functioning as expected.

Nelson wrote to the transportation secretary, Elaine, on Wednesday night, asking for a federal investigation into the accident and offering Suggestions to prevent them. U.S. Congressman Brian masters (Brian Mast) is a republican, his area includes the part of the planned Orlando – west palm branch, asked brad lane closed, waiting for security clearance.

“Stop blaming the victim and take responsibility for the train killing,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “the train should stop running until there are a lot of security issues.”

Police say a 51-year-old restaurant worker was riding a bicycle around the lower gate. His family lawyer, Zedrick Barber II, says more precautions are needed.

Barber said: “as we as a society of all the technical progress, there is no reason to let a person riding a bicycle with a speed of more than 60 miles of the locomotive completely into the railway crossing.” “Brightline cannot be a high-speed railway under the protection of the past.”

But a police spokeswoman, Stephanie Slater, said pedestrians, cyclists and drivers need to observe the bells, lights and doors.

“There was never any reason to beat the train,” she said.


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