Review: “dragon crown” game rough diamond.


Review: “dragon crown” game rough diamond.

The best video game is a game that allows you to sit down and play for 20 minutes. All of a sudden, five hours later, you need another red bull, but only you have completed a task.

“Dragon king” is that kind of game.

New flap side scroll from 1991 sega’s title “streets” of anger and arcade in the 1990 s in the “golden axe” and other classic with a trigger, and led to a more recent addictive role playing in the title of the quality as the blizzard’s nightmare “world of warcraft” mmorpgs.

The dragon crown takes place in the fantasy world of hedland. Players can control stock roles such as fighter jets, witches or dwarves, and seek fame and fortune with a nominal dragon crown. We are told that this magical crown has been lost, without it, that your character’s picturesque world is scarred by trauma, tragedy, and, of course, the threat of a large scale dragon.

So you have to save the world.

What a beautiful world it is. Headland USES color and stunning special designs. With a high quality score, the “Lord of the rings” could have been released from the “Lord of the rings”, a game that exudes quality.

Although both men and women have exaggerated attributes, the depiction of women is absurd.

The basics of the game are very traditional, you roll the 2D level through the side, through a series of monsters, to satisfy a boss at the end of the health bar, filled the screen. If the player wins in the process of killing the creature, they will be rewarded with great rewards and experience.

However, even many tasks, weapon upgrades and will not change the core, “dragon king” is ultimately a repeated game, nine levels, by repeatedly beat players beat the final boss.

Therefore, players who play only one player may want to think about it and save the money. Because it is through “dragon crown” enter oneself multiplayer function.

Although the grinding aspect still exists, “dragon king” is a game designed to play with many people. It can be played with a computer-controlled sidekick, but it’s not the same. The title has found longevity in the combined experience with three other players to defeat the tougher boss and replace the easier boss later in the game.

This aspect of their exploration is made up of a small level between mini game to help you in fire to cook food to restore health and increase attributes (it sounds more interesting), and a multiplier can increase the value of the treasures collected without having to return to base.

It is through these multiplayer games and role-playing games that the dragon king really found his own purpose and will hook up with hardcore gamers. This means that casual players who are not ready to go through multiple knockout rounds at the same level may find something lacking.

One aspect of “glamour” is the female image of the dragon crown. Although both men and women have exaggerated attributes, whether it’s a muscle weapon or a dive, the depiction of women is absurd.

There has been a lot of debate about whether the title is sexist or not, and Polygon commentator Danielle Riendeau has sent out a number of players.

Gender or not, the game of artistic excellence is controlled by a loading screen, one of the helpless, half-naked women role can poke, stimulate players twittering and goo goo, or injured female warrior description about the player’s legs as wide as the screen.

In the end, the dragon crown is a long, side-scrolling game that has led to rich demonstrations and RPG elements, with excellent titles. Casual players may find this repetitive performance, and women’s performance will make others lose interest. However, the core players who can ignore these aspects will find a game that will be indulged in and won’t give up.


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