Is diet or exercise more important to weight loss?


Doctors use several methods to diagnose EIB, usually starting with the patient’s history to determine what symptoms the patient is experiencing and whether they appear only during exercise. Exposure to allergens and irritants in the environment may also be a factor, which is why some patients are tested for allergies. Vanderkaay, who has two brothers who are also asthmatics, has a successful swimming career, and the pool’s genes and environment may play a role. According to Simon, chlorine can be a trigger. “If chlorine or its by-products are too high, aerosols may be formed on the surface of the pool, which can irritate the airways and incite some people’s symptoms,” Simon said.

Is diet or exercise more important to weight loss?

Even if you burn calories, you can easily replace them with food. This is the training you need to consider reducing fat.

Consider this: a tough aerobic workout can burn around 500 calories in an hour, but chicken, rice and vegetables are about 400 calories. Even if you burn calories, you can easily replace them with food.

What about HIIT? So, high-intensity interval training is helpful, but it’s a bit of an exaggeration. Proponents argue that it changes the metabolism within hours of exercising, but it’s not as dramatic as it sounds.

Cold, dry winter air may be a major cause of exercise-induced asthma. Here’s how to do good exercise while breathing deeply.

Let’s face it: exercising in winter is terrible. Running in cold weather is a hassle. The treadmill and stationary bike are in a hurry, and when you leave the gym after a shower, you leave a cold, crunchy layer of hair.

But for millions of people with motor asthma, these problems are the least of their problems. Cold, dry winter air is the main cause of constriction and difficulty breathing. The result: shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, chest tension, and reduced stamina.

Exercise induced asthma (or, more accurately, exercise induced bronchospasm or EIB) about every ten americans have eight diagnosed with asthma, have one every ten americans suffer from the disease, although these Numbers could be higher, didn’t realize that they have this condition, especially if they have a mild case.

Contrary to what the name implies, the motion itself is not an EIB trigger. Instead, the air is inhaled rapidly, causing the airways to contract, causing coughing, wheezing and other symptoms. Dr. Amy Simon, director of the asthma center at the tufts medical center in Boston, said that inhaling a lot of cold, dry air in winter could make things worse. That’s why the winter olympians who take part in the cross-country skiing of high-intensity sports have a bigger percentage than their summer olympians.

Yes, that’s right, the winter olympians include the owners of the eight Olympic Games and the boss of the world championships, the short track speed skating championships, Apollo ono. There are also summer olympians, including swimming gold medallists Amy Van Dyken, Tom Dolan and Peter Vanderkaay. NFL stars, like Jerome Bettis, who ran back to the Steelers hall of fame, came close to a deadly attack in a 1997 game.

In 2004, Vanderkaay won two individual bronze MEDALS and two relay gold MEDALS at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, and was diagnosed with asthma and EIB at the age of 10 (up to 90% of asthmatics have EIB).

“I don’t manage as well as young people,” says Vanderkaay. “When I went to college, I took it more seriously, because I had to. This has left me unable to move on to the next stage. “Nevertheless, his condition did not prevent him from reaching the highest level.

So if you have EIB or asthma symptoms, don’t give up and avoid exercise. The key is to make a diagnosis based on the treatment plan and take preventive measures to limit the onset.

To better diagnose the EIB, the doctors used a lung capacity test. Patients into spirometer, for their lung capacity and volume set a benchmark, and then again in the different time after start blowing, because after movement symptoms usually started about 10 to 15 minutes.

“We check how many people can get their lungs out of the body in a second,” says Simon. “What we are looking for is a significant decline in exercise. No matter what they come in, exercise is down by 15%? This is usually positive. If someone drops 10%, it’s suggestive, but if it’s 15% or more, it’s a dunk (or diagnosis).


Formal diagnosis is important for everyone, especially for olympians, who need only carefully approved drugs and doses. In cross-country skiing, high breathing frequency and cold air help the EIB diagnose as much as half! A Norwegian skier has been stripped of his World Cup title for allegedly taking 20 times the dose of albuterol, and three undiagnosed team members reported taking asthma medication.

Simon says, for a regular Joe, 15 minutes before exercise to prevent symptoms or in motion immediately after taking some sardines phenolic alcohol (also known as salbutamol, beta 2 agonist/bronchodilator) is a common treatment. Another common drug is the leukotriene antagonist, an anti-inflammatory agent for bronchoconstriction. These drugs, such as montrast, take pills a few hours before exercise. For milder cases caused by allergies, antihistamines such as Claritin pills are sufficient. “This can be a good thing for people who already know about allergies,” says Simon.

More and more drugs and strategies are being developed to help understand and treat EIB and asthma. “We are learning a lot about asthma, so there are many new, interesting treatments based on patient phenotypes,” Simon said. “We are really studying the fact that asthma is not a disease. This is due to the interaction of multiple genes with multiple environmental factors. If I had 15 different patients, I might find 15 different types of asthma. “


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