8bitdo SN30 professional comment: a super nintendo computer controller.


8bitdo SN30 professional comment: a super nintendo computer controller.

The classic super nintendo controller grew.

The 8bitdo SN30 Pro is the last of a series of games released by the busy company in 2017. Like the previous N30 Pro, it was a controller designed for a die-hard retro fan, modeled on my PC.

This time, 8bitdo is getting design cues from the super nintendo entertainment system (SNES), one of my favorite game consoles. After months of use, it has become a staple of my game’s Arsenal, but it lacks a perfect controller.

Who should buy SN30 Pro.

SN30 Pro is a based on bluetooth wireless controller, can be connected to your PC, Mac, Android phones, nintendo switches, etc., and can be compatible with classic game to now all the games. The controller has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for several weeks at a time and can be charged or transmitted via a usb-c. SN30 Pro also has all the buttons, struts and bumpers you need to play with now, but I’ll discuss their work later.

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In terms of design, 8bitdo has done a great job of using classic nintendo design elements to appeal to retro game fans. The N30 Pro has quite successfully returned to the nintendo entertainment system from a design point of view, but in order to add functionality, hardware must be changed. For SN30 Pro, 8bitdo did not change the design. If you like the look and feel of the SNES controller, it’s in SN30 Pro, and better than the N30 Pro.

8bitdo switch to usb-c charging port and stack bumper.

Using SN30 Pro

At first glance, you might think that SN30 Pro can only be used for retro simulators, but it’s actually a great controller, portable, and used in different scenarios. It USES the controller layout standard, such as X input, to draw the button correctly according to the platform.

The installation is a bit simpler than the 8bitdo controller earlier this year. Instead of telling the controller which layout to start each time, only the first pairing is required. So when I sat down to play with my computer, I held down the start button + X and led it to the X input layout commonly used in PC games. The next time I come back to play, I just need to press the start button, and SN30 Pro will remember the final layout. Moving to another platform, like my Switch, requires the same order, again, only once.

The four leds in front of SN30 Pro indicate power, connection and player Numbers.

Although the setup is very simple, holding SN30 Pro in my hand took some habits. I like the classic SNES controller so much that the slight deviation of muscle memory is a practical obstacle for me. On the surface of the controller is the usual d-pad, boot, select, and face buttons, but they have moved up to allow for the space of the dummy bar and two extra buttons. Along the top edge sit four shoulder buttons instead of the classic two, mimicking the current layout of L1, R1, L2, and R2. The L2 and R2 buttons are even concave, allowing for more trigger pulling.

The use of SN30 Pro in the simulator is one of its main purposes, although not perfect, it is very close. When it comes to muscle memory, small deviations can really be a mess.

First of all, it’s not a big problem to move all the buttons to a higher position, even in some games I feel better. The bigger problem is the thumb, which is too often. Each time I hit the Y button, my thumb rubbed against the side of the right thumb. The same goes for the d-pad and the left thumb. I have to reach my thumb and thumb when hitting start or select – if you need to move quickly through this action, it’s not very good. As I said, these are not dealbreakers, but if this is a SNES game I really need, then I might be able to hit the target for the average SN30.

8 bitdo SN30 Pro

The N30 Pro feels like a portable version of the small-sn30 Pro it needs.

Using SN30 Pro for the current game is a completely different matter. In this case, I didn’t compare it to the previous N30 Pro, but Microsoft’s Xbox One controller, which is the DE facto controller for the current game on my PC. Now we’re going to take it aside: no, it can’t compete with the full-size, full-featured Xbox One controller. But it’s pretty close, and more portable! In a game like Destiny 2, it works as expected and feels solid. So if you want to install a controller on your computer, put a thumb stick side by side, and run into problems using SONY’s PS4 controller, this is a reliable option.

The SN30 Pro is more portable than the Xbox One controller, but with the same functionality.

Improvement of the N30 Pro.

We will finish it by comparing SN30 Pro and N30 Pro. A simpler matching system is just one of many improvements, so I’ll focus here.

First, 8bitdo contains the rumble of SN30 Pro. The result can be passed: if you hit the right frequency, it can be loud, the output is not very strong, but it’s better than nothing.

Next comes the inclusion of usb-c. You can still deliver power and data like the N30 Pro, but as more and more devices switch to this new format, it means I’m getting closer and closer to getting rid of my old mini USB cable!

The stack buffer on the SN30 Pro is a huge improvement over the side version of the N30 Pro.

The most important improvement is the overall size and layout of the buttons. One of the reasons for the spring of a controller like this is its portability, but as I pointed out in my N30 professional review of 8bitdo, it’s too small to sacrifice playability. The SN30 Pro is twice the size of the original size, but the size of the battery is larger, but the size can still be put into a pocket or a backpack. The face buttons are larger, the spacing is greater, and the improvement of the thumbstick and shoulder buttons makes SN30 Pro better in every way.


Like the N30 Pro, SN30 Pro is good for throwback nostalgia, gamers who want contemporary games, or are looking for portable options. Whether it’s with a home PC, a game laptop at a friend’s home, or even a nintendo switch, SN30 Pro can solve all the problems in a stylish package.


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