Hotpot and love letters for cave visitors.


Hotpot and love letters for cave visitors.

The floods prevented seven tourists from exporting to a cave in Switzerland. They have to endure ground below 300 meters – but even the mail of a loved one can be provided.

Eating hotpot, playing CARDS, reading a love letter – seven tourists were trapped in a Swiss cave for a few days, just for fun.

“No one was hurt,” said Peter Draganits of the Trekking Outdoor Team, a German news agency.

On Wednesday, professional climbers once again reached men between the ages of 25 and 55 and provided them with packages of friends and family. The hope is further delayed. The state police said the rescue could only take place over the weekend because of the extra heavy rain.

As early as Sunday, professional climbers had reached Holloch, one of the world’s largest cave systems, about 75 kilometers south of Zurich. Draganits says the current supply of food, besides containing letters, books and surprises, also contains vitamin-enriched lamb lettuce and new batteries.

According to him, the professionals arrived at the camp, 300 meters below the camp site, on a difficult route that was too dangerous for visitors. So they will have to wait until the water that stops them is out of date. But there are always experienced cave connoisseurs, including paramedics.

“There are lights, toilets, running water, a kitchen with a table and a cushioned chair — it’s like a house on a hill,” said Draganits. The camping position is on a wide, high ceiling, and the height can be seen from the photograph.

Sleep on thick cushions and thick sleeping bags. At camp sites, according to Draganit’s clothing and food supplies, such as pasta and Swiss rosti, there is a potato dish and cheese fondue. “There was a birthday yesterday and there was chocolate cream for dessert,” he said.

“The important thing is the structure of the day,” the cave connoisseur said. These people made small trips, such as going to an underground waterfall or a stalactite cave. Some clay will build an adventure castle yesterday. Hammocks and good books. Otherwise, “you can’t finish it, drink hot tea”. Six degrees in the hole.

The scarecrow among men is not afraid of drachanitz. After all, no one is afraid of claustrophobia – in a closed room – there. Do not book a trip to the cave for any suffering person. “Of course, sometimes you miss his girlfriend, or you end up wanting a good Fried steak,” he says. Drink a glass of wine with your meal. If the consumables are used up, there is no supply. “That’s not one of the priorities.”


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