Li changlei stretches for the show, but doesn’t believe it.


Li changlei stretches for the show, but doesn’t believe it.

Dystopia is all the rage now, especially in young adult fiction: the hunger games trilogy, of course; Veronica roth’s “divergent” series, in which Chicago went to the dogs; Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” series was inspired by the nightmare in Manhattan. And Stephanie Meyer’s non-twilight novel “The Host,” where The earth has been colonized by alien parasites. In most of these stories, the human fate depends on a teenage girl’s strong shoulder, Louisa may Alcott’s Joe characterization version of omar fist or bow instead of a pen.

Li Changlei “so all waters” is for the purpose of higher than the “pure” adventure novel shelves, but if you are a foreigner invaders, he know nothing about wen-yao li’s literary reputation, I don’t think you were here, we can see his sixteen-year-old heroine Fan and Katniss Everdeen’s story. In fact, katniss is a friendlier companion, through dystopian trudging, rather than monochrome.

Like all dystopian fantasy, “such a full sea” needs a premise of the concept of highly and lee smart enough: in a few years before the start of the story and the earth has been polluted by rampant industrial development. Chinese workers eager to escape the city were taken to the United States to live in the labor center. There, they train most of the white elite’s food, and they live in a strict “charter” village with a climate control facility that has your average suburban shopping mall and hospital center. Outside the walls of these settlements, the “charter” laid a corrupt wasteland. According to the narrative of every adult in history, our girl fan is destined to test herself in this wild land.

Li changli was named the first person of the best novel in 1995. His other books include “surrender” in 2010.

Annika Lee,

Fans in the “B – Mor” (formerly known as Baltimore) in the solution of labor has been dubbed the “tanks diver” : because of her height is less than 5 feet, can hold your breath for a long time, so she is very suitable for the job to maintain large tanks, choose fish for residents to grow picky charter. Fan’s boyfriend, Reg, also works at the fish factory, but one day he was mysteriously removed. When fan was told not to ask about Reg’s whereabouts, she decided to sneak out of b-mor to find her lover.

Lee has produced some truly amazing plot curves that explain Reg’s disappearance and Fan’s desperation to find him. But before the last of the mutant mutants emerged from the bushes to attack our young female warriors, I found myself hoping that the novel’s video game was over. Here, lee adopts an untimely narrative technique: a review of fan’s story through the collective voice of citizens of b-mor. Since she mainly saw it, she was still a password from the outside. Of course, f. Scott Fitzgerald was in The Great Gatsby. But do I need to say that Nick callaway is one of the most striking narrators in the literary world? In contrast, the storyteller of the b-mor has the personality of the fish that had been washed in the tank: there is an intonation of flat quality in their narrative. Here, for example, the B – Mor citizens are brewing a collective voice, during the height of the Fan again narrowly escape from certain doom: “if we are the most vulnerable moment was when we come nearest to the desire to ideas, so far from us. “This false depth is very quickly worn very thin.

The book is disappointing because Bruce lee is so resourceful and sensitive in other realistic novels such as “native speaker” and “gesture life”. I know that we should praise the writer for stretching himself, but in such a complete sea, lee’s writing will be more attractive than I read.


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