How cold is the cold for pets?


How cold is the cold for pets?

Many pet owners are aware of the danger of dogs and cats at extreme temperatures, but the risk is greater in the cold.

As temperatures across the country hit record lows, the east coast is bracing for a winter storm this week, with forecasters calling it a “bomb cyclone”, so owners should protect their pets from freezing weather. According to the American Veterinary Medical Assocation, a common misconception is that dogs and cats are more resistant to cold weather than humans.

How cold and cold it is to go out for a walk? Goldsmiths, Ph.D., an official with veterinary insurance Petplan and pet health writer, revision of the guidelines from tufts university animal condition and nursing system, help pet owners decided, if the weather is safe.

Cold weather tips keep good health, your pet.

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Cold weather tips keep good health, your pet.

She told Here&Now’s Robin Young that each dog had no correct answer, but owners should consider the size, variety and overall health of their dogs. She says smaller dogs with thinner coats are more at risk.

“Under 30 degrees, it’s not safe for any dog to be outside for long periods of time,” Smith said. “you can give yourself some time to wear warm weather clothes. Like dog sweaters and boots to cover up their claws.

Like people, dogs have a low body temperature risk if they stay cold for long periods of time.

“Trembling is the first sign… So you want to put the dogs in there, wrap them in warm towels or blankets, and let them go to the vet if they need to. “Smith said.

The loot not only warms the dog’s PAWS, but also protects the PAWS from toxic chemicals on the ground, such as deicing agents and antifreeze. After walking, the owner should wipe their dog’s feet and check for red or swollen pads, Smith said.

Winter storms can bring snow and winter to the east coast of the United States.


Winter storms can bring snow and winter to the east coast of the United States.

As NPR previously reported, pets are attracted to antifreeze because “the main antifreeze, glycol, is sweet but also very toxic.

The dog’s age and overall health can also help determine its ability to withstand low temperatures. AVMA suggests that winter is a good time to bring dogs to the vet, so owners can be aware of any new or deteriorating health problems.

AVMA wrote on its website: “with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease or hormone imbalance, such as Cushing disease time there may be more difficult to regulate body temperature, and may be more susceptible to the effects of extreme temperature.” “So do very young and very old pets.”

For outdoor cats, Smith suggests providing an insulated shelter outside, and not freezing water.

She said: ‘cats are really good at hiding and finding beautiful, warm hiding places, including under your car. “So, before you go out in the morning, before you drive, hit the hood and run the cat away so you don’t get stuck in the fan.


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