The rise of American pistols and “hidden lifestyles”.


The rise of American pistols and “hidden lifestyles”.

The mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando has led to a revival of the debate about the weapons, but journalist Evan Osnos says the real increase in gun ownership comes from concealed handguns.

“The way we use guns has changed profoundly,” osnos told fresh air’s terry gross. “The hidden carry is now legal in all 50 states.”

Mr Snow, who wrote it carry hidden in the evolution of the latest issue of the New Yorker, it is estimated that there are about 1.3 billion people who are authorized to 12 times more than the concealed gun – police detective and the number of the United States.

Gun makers, he said, sell a “hidden way of life” and use fear to sell guns.

“If you’re a person thinking about buying a gun, or you’ve become part of the daily life of guns, you always think of the way you’re going to be in danger,” he says.

Mr Osnos adds that the hidden movement is at the heart of the gun rights platform of organisations such as the national rifle association.

“The idea that you should be allowed to carry a gun almost anywhere in the law and in the constitution is really the heart of the future that the gun rights movement believes in,” he said.

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How have we changed the way we use guns?

For most of the history of the United States, gun owners have largely dismissed the idea of carrying guns in their daily lives. In 1934, the head of the national counterterrorism agency testified in congress that what he called a “mixed gun”. He said he had no place in daily life.

In fact, Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan) – in support of the gun rights of many aspects of the conservative movement in the United States, he was a symbol – he said the governor of California in 1967, he had no reason to say “why should a man in the street with a full gun gun. ”

…… To prove its existence, the hidden movement must be a reminder that it must convince people that, in fact, the world is a dangerous place for them.

Evan osnos.

However, in the past 30 years, profound changes have taken place in American law and American habits, those who have been banned or strict control countries carry guns in everyday life, have been systematically to relax these rules, the hidden carry now legal in all 50 states. … So the way we use guns in the United States has changed profoundly.

In taking a gun class, they were told to assume that they were armed.

This is the so-called revolution of guns or one really complex part of the hidden, and this is in order to justify its existence, it must be a reminder, it must convince people in this world is a dangerous place for them.

So, for example, a gun instructor will tell you about an invasion or robbery or a drug, or… Now you are often told, “have you seen the latest mass shooting? If you’re in that situation, maybe you can protect yourself. ”

At the same time, however, this is often asserted almost reflexively: “but god forbid that we must use our guns”. And I found that it was a very anxious atmosphere.

In the marketing of “hide the lifestyle”,

“Hidden lifestyle” refers to a range of products and a range of ideas around the decision to carry a gun anywhere. This means that… The American association of concealed carry, this is the business in Wisconsin, it’s such a present itself as a membership organization, its purpose is to your interest and answer your question, it is also a supplier.

And what they do is they sell a kind of insurance that you can use to photograph someone. So if that happens, they will subsidize your legal costs; They will bail you out and they will provide legal advice on how to respond and how to defend their rights. Of course, they also sell training.


For example, once I signed up, I would receive a series of video about how a person was attacked in a parking lot, and how to use a gun to defend himself in this situation. You find that, in a sense, you into a world of hidden attack association, or to take advantage of this opportunity and emerge from any one of the many companies, you can almost completely surrounded by terrible information.

In the gun statistics he found.

A simple fact is that by bringing the gun into your life and bringing it into your home, you will greatly increase the risk of suicide, homicide, and accidental gun death. A chance to double the chance of a kill. When you go out and buy a gun, you often hear the news.

The original method of suing sandy hook’s parents.

The case was brought by parents and one of the survivors of sandy hook’s killing, which focuses on gun marketing. They sued Remington Arms (Remington very different), they made the gun for slaughter, and what they say is, this gun is in violation of fair trade practice way to boost the civilians, because they say it is a kind of military weapons. As they put it on the streets of fallujah, not in Connecticut.

This is an original method, because what they are doing is really the core of the vulnerability of the gun movement. The gun industry was protected by a law passed in 2005 called “the protection of legitimate business and weapons laws”. This is unique in the history of American capitalism. Its role is to protect gun companies from any lawsuits that have been tried for civil damages because they have been abused or used for crimes.

What the lawsuit can do – many people think it will be thrown out before this happens. …… It could force Remington to open up his files in the discovery process, open up to lawyers, and eventually open up to the public to see how they make these decisions. The market. How do they choose a military weapon suitable for civilian life? For example, how do they coordinate with video game makers if they do? How do they sell their products on the Internet?


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