The outdoor exhibition is reopened under new management: the NRA.


The outdoor exhibition is reopened under new management: the NRA.

Last year, organizers of one of the country’s largest outdoor exhibitions tried to ban certain guns after the killings at sandy hook elementary school. But the industry was boycotted, and eastern sports and outdoor shows were eventually cancelled.

This year, it’s back, bigger than ever.

Now known as the great American outdoor show, it extends nearly a million square feet at the Pennsylvania farm exhibition center in Harrisburg. This is also the new management – the national rifle association. But that doesn’t mean it’s just a gun, says Todd boyer, who likes hunting and comes from nearby york.

“It’s not just hunting, it’s not just fishing,” boyer said. “It’s entertainment, it’s hunting, it’s fishing – everything is included.

He added: “at least in my opinion, I have seen a bit more of the assault rifle. “I think it’s always better, so I’m happy to see all sorts of things.”

This is the first time in the history of NRA. Most are still the same – many display advertising safari, taxidermy, fishing expeditions and all the needed accessories.

But there is a huge change – the NRA has added a shooting gym and more national gun manufacturers. Jeremy Greene of gun rights groups says people should not be afraid that their favorite exhibitors will be driven away.

“We’re not trying to turn it into a gun show,” green said. “We will continue to keep hunting, archery, fishing, camping, boating and rv exhibition, but we are very happy to be able to with domestic manufacturers to create a shooting sports hall, show their full range of products to the participants.

He said the NRA hopes to use the American outdoor show to show a different profile of gun rights groups, an organization that focuses on education and outdoor activities.

Enlarge this picture.

The NRA now has a big outdoor show in the United States, but despite the addition of a shooting gallery, the group says it’s not a gunfight.

Ben Allen/WITF.

“We want people to have an open mind, they come out, they, you know, they’re on this show, they see what we’re all about,” green said. “I think they will find that the NRA is very consistent with what they care about.”

What if there were mass shootings in the United States like Newtown? Russ Thurman, publisher and editor of Shooting Industry, a trade magazine, said last year’s ban was a warning to other programmes.

“Respecting this is what I think,” Thurman said. “It’s not just about making a decision, it’s going to affect your performance, it’s going to affect a lot of people’s income, and it’s going to affect hundreds of thousands of people.

The Harrisburg area spent $44 million directly on hotels, restaurants and exhibitions, organizers said. In the next few years, they hope the new exhibition will beat it, because the NRA sells it to all its members.


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