It’s a condom.


It’s a condom.

The popular Turbo condom is the innovative condom innovation. They are FDA approved contraceptives and prevent sexually transmitted infections. Turbo condoms are different from other condoms because they aim to increase the sexual pleasure of both men and women. They contain a special kind of lubricant, especially the “terminal polarity experience” designed for the condom inside and outside the condom.

Turbo condoms are made from a unique sexual enhancement lubricant called excitegelers. This kind of lubricant is the trademark of the company and contains ingredients designed to enhance feelings. It combines menthol with l-arginine, a natural amino acid, that helps increase the circulation of the sex organs (by relaxing and dilating blood vessels to promote blood flow).

Menthol brings tingling and/or warm feelings, which can help increase the happiness of men and women. In fact, a separate consumer report showed that 94 percent of women said their orgasmability had improved after multiple use of the stimulator.

The characteristics of the turbine condom.

Standard size condoms: length: 7.5 “/ 190mm; Width: 2.1 “/ 53mm.

Horn shape – increases comfort by providing more “space”.

There is a reservoir tip – provide additional safety (more volume after ejaculation).

Lubricate the outside and inside of the condom to enhance the fun of both sides.

Provide protection against pregnancy and STDS.

Made of high quality latex.

Complies with American standards of strength and durability.

Come in 10 packages.

Turbine condoms are electronically tested to help ensure reliability.

Easy to use – can be bought at local grocery stores, pharmacies and large retailers, and online.


It contains special lubricants designed to maximize the arousal and pleasure of men and women through increased stimulation.

Comfortable, scientifically designed condom shapes are made from stretchable latex.

Turbo condoms do not contain spermicide or nonoxybenzene -9.

If additional lubrication is required, these condoms can be used with water base and/or silicone-based lubricants.

In addition to enhancing pleasure, there is some evidence that l-arginine (a component of the excitegel-lubricants) can help men maintain erections and/or assist erectile dysfunction.

Manufactured by condom, the first condom company created a department to meet public health needs and provide products at corresponding prices.


People seem to either love these condoms or they don’t like them very much. The warming/tingling sensation caused by the exciter lubricant may cause discomfort or may be too intense for some couples.

Lubrication may contain glycerin and p-hydroxybenzoate – both of which are associated with possible health risks.

Some couples report that turbo condoms taste too mint. This may be due to the use of menthol in lubricants.

Latex may cause allergic reactions.

While these are classified as “standard size” condoms, some men who typically use standard size condoms think the condoms are too tight.

If you have the herpes simplex virus, turbine condom condoms may not be the ideal choice – because there are some documents show that if you are diagnosed with herpes, you should be careful with L – arginine products.

Proper use of condoms is important in order to maximize their effectiveness. Make sure to use a new condom every time you have sex. Because they are made from latex, you should not use a turbo condom if you or your partner are allergic to latex.

If you want to use condoms, but have latex allergies, try looking for non-latex alternatives, such as polyurethane condoms or polyisoprene condoms.


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