I lost my health insurance because I didn’t pay my premium. What now?


I lost my health insurance because I didn’t pay my premium. What now?

If your Obama’s health insurance program was cancelled, because you are too late insurance premium of pay medical treatment, medical expenses for which you need to understand you, you now get health insurance option, and if you have no insurance pay a fine.

What will happen to your unpaid medical expenses after your health insurance is cancelled?

If you get the high quality of tax credit health insurance subsidies, to help you through the “affordable health law” health insurance exchange to buy health insurance, you might have some medical costs may be covered by your health plan before.

If you receive medical insurance within 31 to 90 days, you will need to pay medical insurance premiums.

Once you have paid your medical insurance premium over 30 days, your health plan will put the pending claims in a “pending” state. Instead of processing and paying these claims, they are put on hold while the insurance company waits to see if you are up to your premium. If you fail to catch up, your health insurance will be canceled after 90 days. The cancellation will be delayed until you have a delay of 31 days.

You get medical compensation, and you pay premiums on a daily basis between 31 and 90 and the health care provider wants you to pay them. Since the cancellation of your health insurance dates back to your 31-day delay, you will no longer be eligible for a discount on previous health plans negotiated with your network provider.

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In fact, when you get care, you don’t have insurance. Without a network discount, your bill may be higher.

If you think this can happen to you, the worst thing you can do is not to do anything. The initiative. Please go to your health care provider before your health insurance terminates on day 91 and negotiates an agreement.

Many providers send overdue accounts to the collection agency, so taking no action may affect your credit score and make it difficult to obtain credit in the future.

When you consult a provider for unpaid bills, be honest about your situation. Many health care providers will negotiate payment plans because they prefer to pay slowly rather than pay. Negotiating a payment plan may leave your bill in the hands of the receiving agency. If you are receiving medical services from a large institution such as a hospital, please ask if you offer a self-payment discount or charity care.

There is no insurance penalty.

If you have not insured for three months, you may be liable for tax penalties when you submit your income tax next year. Penalties are calculated according to your income and are calculated monthly; You will be penalized for at least one day without health insurance.

What’s the penalty for not having health insurance?

Nine things about health insurance.

In some cases, you can waive the authorization to get health insurance. In this case, even if you don’t have insurance, you don’t have to pay a fine.

How to obtain the arduous immunity of health insurance?

Can you get a health insurance exemption?

After your health plan is cancelled, health insurance options.

The loss of health insurance due to the failure to pay the premium does not meet the special registration deadline of the health insurance exchange. You won’t be able to sign obamacare again until the next open enrollment season. There are other options for health insurance.

Medicaid. The medical procedure has a strict income limit, but one year of admission allows those who get out.

Occupational health insurance (initial registration period). If you have a job offering health insurance, you can register during the initial registration period you set up shortly after you start working. Similarly, if your spouse has a job offering a spouse or family health insurance, you will have the opportunity to sign a new occupational health insurance shortly after taking office. If you are aged under 25, a person in your parents started a new job to provide family health insurance benefits, so you will be able to get insurance, until your new working plan according to your parents to 26.

Work based coverage (special semester). If your family situation change events or other qualifications, you may be eligible for yourself or your spouse’s existing special registration period work health insurance plans, even if you used to reduce the medical insurance. However, the loss of obamacare because there is no insurance premium will not meet the special deadline. Things like getting married or getting divorced, having a baby, or raising a child can qualify you.  Ask your staff welfare office for a comprehensive list of all qualifying events.

Medical insurance. If you’re about 65, health care may help. If you, your spouse or ex-spouse have paid the medical insurance system for a sufficient number of years through salary or self-employment tax, you will be eligible for medical insurance over the age of 65.

Short-term health insurance. Anyone can buy short-term health insurance directly from a health insurance company or through an insurance agent. No open enrollment period; You can always buy it. However, short-term health insurance won’t help you avoid penalties for not having insurance. In addition, short – term health insurance companies can use coverage and may consider existing conditions, your age, credit score and other factors when setting premium rates. What is short-term health insurance against?

Special registration for your health insurance exchange. Because you did not pay insurance premium and lose your Obama’s health insurance program, not in your health insurance exchange, cause the registration of a special period, but the other life changes may occur. If significant changes have taken place in your life, such as family size changes, or you have great changes, the income level of consult your health insurance exchange, see if you qualify for special admission deadline. Special admission time is limited, so don’t wait.

Next year’s open enrollment period. Every fall, the affordable care act has an open enrollment deadline. You can’t be rejected for not paying health insurance premiums in the past. Even if you sign up for the same health plan again, you don’t have to pay back the premium.


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