Two cities were transformed into one – Berlin wilmenman.


Two cities were transformed into one – Berlin wilmenman.

Berlin – poor but sexy

As Germany’s first urban network, we warmly welcome and we are happy to be part of the “people’s city”. Before we start to introduce passionate people, explore the urban culture and way of life at the same time, talking with local people or before the hottest place in Berlin, we hope to give you a first impression of our hometown.

East and west become international – we are in the middle.

As you may have heard, Berlin has a very interesting past, not a history lesson, and we want to keep it short. For 40 years, the country has been divided into two parts: the west and the east. Western Germany lived under the influence of capitalism, and east Germany had to deal with the communist party. The huge walls went all the way through Berlin – until 1989.

The return was Friday, November 9, 1989, and created a new and unique situation for the city. When our Teenie Idol David “HOFF” Hasselhoff smashed his former favorite “I’ve been looking for freedom” in front of the Brandenburger Gate, people were celebrating themselves and their lives.


Since then, Berlin became the capital of Germany, now known as a city, not only have a lot of faces, and constantly change it), but also in the construction of a seems to have been, never seem to finish in the city.

In the past 28 years, through constant change and the influence of different, the city became a vibrant place, in the construction, unique way of life, urban culture, bar pops up, millions of a club or open air in the summer, start-up, Patty, and in the way of culture, the city is much more diverse than ever before.

To get a complete impression, one thing to do is to take a Ring-Bahn. It’s been around for nearly an hour around the so-called “center”. You will find that Berlin is a gray building with a (non-) artistic graffiti between the green parks that are clearly important and historic.

It’s true: “berlin-du Berlin, Berlin.”

People from all over the world come to live here to experience the urban culture of one of the most exciting cities in the world. So a lot of people want to live here, and you might want to know what the real locals are – the locals in Berlin! But they can be easily recognized by what they call Berliner Schnauze – oh, you’re the city’s aborigine – you’re so cute.

Then, you’ll see them: adventurers, creative minds, bloggers, hipsters, entrepreneurs, alternative or party fans…

All these different people come here together, either true natives, or those who influence the city and the landscape. We want to spread our stories to all the berliners, to keep changing faces, but to know who we live next to.

Cheers and everything goes well,


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