Limousines allow job hunting.


Limousines allow job hunting.

Former correctional services officer Jeff Limo has received additional leeway to seek work in a drug-smuggling conspiracy involving six former DOC officers and some civilians.

The limousine was put under house arrest after the first court appearance. He left the correctional services department on October 20. He asked the civil service commission to cancel his departure and to pay the wages he had lost since he was fired from his job for more than two decades.

Limo is not the only former official seeking to end the reversal. Former officials and co-defendant Gerry Hocog also challenged his termination with CSC, confirming his lawyer, Jay Arriola.

As with Limo’s appeal, Hocog noted that his initial adverse action notification did not specify the type of action that DOC was considering.

Like a luxury car, Hocog were ordered away from the department of housing and therefore refused to collect evidence to support his rights, asked to reconsider decision to take adverse action, even’s ability to respond to the right of notice “to tell.

In addition, the director of the ministry of commerce later told prosecutors that all of the DOC employees involved in the smuggling cases would be terminated and that he did not want employees at the site. The information was presented by the court at a hearing.

Hocog has also been recovering its wages since its termination. On October 19th, the final adverse action was handed over to him.

Cruz also ended his fight.

Sean Anthony Cruz (Shane Anthony Cruz) is also on the CSC to fight his termination, in spite of his case, together with the other 13 individuals is indicted in the greater drug smuggling plot.

Mr Cruz is said to have taken the drugs and mobile phones hidden in three packets of fast food into prison three times and handed them to prisoners.

In addition to Hocog, the trial of the accused of a large plot is set to take place sometime next year. Hocog was approved to be separated from the larger trial. Arriola believes that several aspects of the case do not apply to his clients.

The Hocog trial is expected in December, but the date may be heard as the motion is heard and the issue is resolved before the court releases its decision.

Meanwhile, two of the defendants, Roxanne Hocog and Ronald Meno, pleaded guilty. They are waiting for the trial to end before they can be sentenced.

A plea agreement has been submitted to former DOC official Fermin Maratita. Today or tomorrow morning you will hear the other words.

Arrested in August

He was arrested in August on suspicion of involvement in a plot to smuggle drugs and bribes to DOC officials. All disciplinary officials involved have been terminated or resigned.

One of the alleged plotters behind the conspiracy seems to be Shawn Johnson, the current prisoner of the mangirao DOC prison facility. He was also charged with the situation.


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