Cuba has hinted that it may see a family ban as unusual and a sign of the influence of entrepreneurs.


Cuba has hinted that it may see a family ban as unusual and a sign of the influence of entrepreneurs.

On Nov. 2, dozens of private home theater and video game salons have grown rapidly in recent months, becoming a popular form of entertainment for the less affluent residents.

The government has accused cinemas of spreading undeveloped incentives to young people and ordering them to close to expand the boundaries of the various private businesses that President raul castro has proposed to allow for reform.

Then there was a strong reaction, with entrepreneurs complaining about thousands of dollars in investment losses and movie viewers who said they were outraged by the relentless stream of traffic. The official response was swift and unprecedented.

An article in the communist party’s granma newspaper on Monday acknowledged widespread opposition to the ban and hinted at a rethink.

This reversal, analysts said, could mean the government more willing to listen to the will of the private entrepreneurs and their customers, and they are in a government still controls about 80% economy of the country’s growing influence.

Analysts and research centre of the Cuban President of Cuba Philip Peters (Philip Peters) said: “this is very unusual, because the government made a clear decision, now it’s turning back. “It’s not something that happens every day.”

Mr. Granma’s article said the article collected more than 150 views on the ban and investigated the backlash on social media. It acknowledged widespread opposition and said it was seen as a “step back” from President raul castro’s limited economic liberalisation plan.

The islanders interviewed by the Associated Press have repeatedly defended the salon as a healthy choice for teenagers. It is generally believed that since the start of the castro reforms in 2010, like thousands of other private companies, they should be reopened, regulated and taxed.

In Cuba, decision-making tends to be top-down, even though the authorities emphasize that they seek public opinion again and again in public meetings. The official polls are largely nonexistent, and, surprisingly, the authorities will try to curb the temperature of the masses in such an open manner.

Rolando Orejuela, 52, a government worker, said: “I think they are aware of how many people are troubled and he has enjoyed the 3D movies of his grandson. “It’s good that they learn and reconsider such a radical decision.”

Others warn against reading too much into the problem. The same grama article also provides a comprehensive defense against another recently announced ban on imports of hardware and clothing. Many cubans rely on small clothing boutiques to stay fashionable and bemoan their demise.

But Mr Peters says the article still reflects the growing power of the 436, 000 private sector workers operating today, three times as many as before the reform.

“This could mean that this is a constituency that the government wants to consider,” Peters said. “The government of raul castro does not think these entrepreneurs are necessary evil… They think it is necessary for the economy.

In recent years, Cuba has made unpopular rules that once barred most islanders from using mobile phones or tourist hotels. Both decisions, led by Lauul Castro, took over after years of complaints after replacing his ailing brother, Fidel, in 2006.

Currently, there are about 11 million mobile phones with a population of 1.8 million. Cubans at luxury beach resorts such as baradot are, at least in part, affordable.

Economist at the University of Denver (University of Denver) Cuba Arturo Lopez (Arturo Lopez – Levy), says the government the obvious change of the heart in the home theater, “is not only a reform, but also go hand in hand with social political rhythm.

“How does this change the previous arrogance of the communist party?

Some measures are taken, and there is no alternative but to decide what is best.


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