When you drink water, all your new friends will meet


When you drink water, all your new friends will meet

So many friends will appear in your gastrointestinal tract.

Do you think the water you drink is too clean? Last week, the New York times reported on a new drink called original water. Yes: people spend unfiltered, unprocessed, completely unpasteurized springs.

“It has a faint medium sweetness, a very good very smooth, there is no overwhelming flavor characteristics,” rainbow grocery stores in San Francisco on duty manager Kevin freeman, told The Times in the shop of AU natural law h ^ 2 0 “bottled water. We reduced the choice of water. But it’s completely out of the field. ”

But drinking water is not just about taste and taste. No, the real joy of drinking the unfiltered lifeblood of nature is the rich and diverse community you will be introduced to immediately. Say hello to some great friends you can meet when you drink unprocessed spring water.


This trendy little woman will definitely affect your life, or at least your shit. The giardia is a class of parasites and a modern flagellum, which makes swimming easy to pass through your intestines. Most people can only drink from a contaminated stream during camping, and infected infants or dog feces interaction, or to tackle the problem of serious shortage of health and water supply will meet jia first giardia. But thanks for the water, you can find her at the local high-end supermarket.

After days or weeks, your gastrointestinal tract settles into her new home, a friend who gives you gas, cramps, nausea and violent diarrhea. Once eliminated, the giardia will remain in a small cyst until someone else consumes it, so you can introduce it to your family.


Legionella is a serious, often fatal form of pneumonia. Most people benefit from bacterial growth in piping systems or air conditioning units, but legionella is found in rivers, lakes and streams. People in flint, mich., were fatally affected by the infection, which was sent home without treatment. They have no choice in this matter, but you can spend more than $30 to better understand the lovely legionella bacteria.

, such as virus

When you can invite him into your home, who needs to go on a cruise to see norovirus? Notorious the infectious virus causes diarrhea and vomiting, the infectious virus is transmitted through faecal, so if there is water leakage, it can show almost any water body (or let our true, Norwalk virus backpackers, he in the upstream business.) The joy of raw water is that if it’s really not handled, the norovirus can sneak into the product at any time in production. In 2016, 4,100 people gathered in Spain and norovirus, because of bottled water contamination, and experts speculated that someone might have vomited in some part of the bottling plant and exposed to water. Imagine that if no one could take norovirus literally, norovirus would be able to enter your water! The possibilities are endless.


Here she is a boy: the main cause of guillain-barre syndrome! Campylobacter bacteria can where any animal might pop into the water, so your chances of met this friend is pretty good (I mean, how often do you see a no shit animals). You’ll almost certainly get an interesting case of diarrhea, but wait, there’s more! Known infections can sometimes trigger GBS, a rare autoimmune disease that can paralyze you permanently. In addition, some campylobacter is now resistant to a variety of antibiotics. So you might have a long period of time with this hook. Best friend of all time 4


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