Let’s talk about uka in Rio DE janeiro

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Let’s talk about uka in Rio DE janeiro

The Urca in Rio DE janeiro is located in Guanabara Bay, in the heart of the city, with colourful colonial villas, small cave bars and picturesque beaches. Although located just below the popular PaodeAcucar, the community is rarely listed as a visitor’s to-do list.

Rio DE janeiro’s ur card is a small street, only 16 street, but because of local famous Carmen Miranda (Carmen Miranda) (and of course the headdress of the fruits and chicken “prosperity”), in a local residents of Rio DE janeiro Cariocas. It is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Rio, because it shares a postal code with a city military base and has only one access road.


Rio DE janeiro’s urca was founded in 1565 as the first town to be formed when Portugal arrived in Brazil. The community has the oldest street in Rio, RuaSaoSebastiao, which stretches from behind the Urca fortress to the former casino. Urca is said to be an abbreviation of “urbanizaocarioca”, meaning “Carioca urbanization”. This was the main port until after world war I, the area was filled in, houses were built and communities began to form.


Designed by Tudor houses and Spanish colonial designs, urca has captured all the cultural influences of the Rio era. Most houses were built in the late 1920s and 1940s. Fortunately, the neighborhood has been able to maintain the grandeur of architecture, not the development of high-rise apartment complexes in other parts of the city. Note: some of the best art deco buildings are located next to ForteSaoJoao.


Although casinos are no longer open, but the 30 s of the casino da Urca building is Carmen Miranda discovered by Hollywood producer, he brought the little lounge singer to California, and took her into the idol of Brazil. In 1946, Brazil’s national ban forced casinos to close. A former Brazilian television station Tupi has finally taken over the building used to photograph the classic daytime TV program Chacrinha. The station underwent architectural changes, smoothing out its classic decorative rounded edges in exchange for a more modern square elevation. However, popularity declined and the building was closed again in the 1980s. Due to the typical government neglect, it was not until the renovation of 2008 that space was vacated to line up. Today, it’s an italian-brazilian fashion design school.

Enjoy the sunshine:

Prada Vermelha (red beach) is a Brazilian standard beach specification, but it is still significant. Located at the base of sweet bread mountain, this little bay is the perfect illustration of what makes Rio so intuitive. This steep mountain range with this palm – dotted bay will make your phone lack memory storage, and you will take all the photos. Urca beach has a real local element, so be sure to try some street food classics such as salted cassava or caramel churros.

Best little bar:

One afternoon in Urca without stopping will be incomplete Urca. This small and simple bar has cold beer and delicious snacks. You just go to the counter, order your meal, and then take it to the little stone wall overlooking the bay. There’s no fantasy about this location, but 100 percent glamour. On a warm summer night, the walls become sunsets, so prepare the stones early. Note: there is also a restaurant upstairs for you to enjoy traditional food.

A nice little hike:

PistaClaudioCoutinho is a surprisingly easy 2km trail under the Morro do Urca (Urca mountain), covering and luxuriant tropical flora and fauna. Enter the port of Praia Vermelha through the parking lot. But if you’re an experienced hiker, sweet bread mountain can also be climbed. You can climb a steep staircase or climb a rock. Warning: the latter requires you to use experienced guidance and suitable climbing equipment.

Check box:

The arrival of the cable car to the peak of Sugarloaf mountain is very popular among Rio holidaymakers. If you want to get into a postcard and drink a sunset cocktail overlooking the city, sweet bread is an ideal place to do it. My advice is to grab your ticket at the bottom of the hill before sunset, so you beat the heat and the crowds of visitors throughout the day.


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