Stretch: cultivate an elegant gym


Stretch: cultivate an elegant gym

Stretching like a cat, shaking with a crow, already has the impression of transformation. Spontaneously, we stretch our limbs as much as possible, and we shrink them. Then we relax. We finally relaxed. Our armour disintegrated in a breath of liberation! But these reflections are not enough to eliminate all the tension in the front of the computer, which is involved in many of the unfortunate positions of modern life. So why not join the stretching class to avoid getting bored?

“For most people, the definition of stretching comes down to translation: stretching. We still need to know if there is stretchability in the body, said BeatriceCahors, a masai physiotherapist and expert on the subject

Bones: no, except for special operations. As adults, we no longer touch growth!

Muscles: they’re not interested in an extension. “Through the presence of the bones, their ability to stretch is limited and they are isolated from the body, and their stretching capacity can exceed 150 percent of their length,” she said.

And then there are the tendons, the ligaments, all the parts that surround the muscle that are fixed to the bone, and this connective tissue is called the aponeurosis. It’s him who can really stretch. Nathalie Guissard said: “but the muscle fibers recovered their starting position.

Neurophysiology researchers at the free university in Brussels are sifting through all the stretching methods and warning that stretching techniques can develop and improve a wide range of ideas… “Although you stretch the muscles, you stretch the fascia, but the muscle fibers recover their starting position. In addition to associating this exercise with energy consumption, such as running or exercise, or collecting cardiovascular exercise, muscle strengthening or eating, you won’t get the size of your pants.

On the other hand, practice often, it causes good posture to become natural, you will step forward. Therefore, the name of the additional centimeter, therefore only from the better support!

Other benefits

1. Promote sports

The mission of the aponeurosis is to limit or promote the movement of muscles and joints. The ability to move by stretching them. Gestures become more fluid and more abundant. We soften.

Balance muscle tone

We tend to contract most muscle groups. We need to stretch and coordinate supplements according to our actual needs. A vital compensatory virtue for athletes. Don’t repeat it, you have to work hard before and after.

Avoid chronic pain

The muscles are used to the wrong position, especially in the absence of exercise. By improving your body’s flexibility, stretching avoids or improves stiffness, which is often a sign of psychological stress or pain.

We rediscovered our bodies

By focusing on the posture, isolating part of the body to stretch it, we realize that there is an area of oblivion, degeneration, or willful neglect. So you can feel some of the spinal muscles. Our own body image forms in our minds, and we put it in space.

We relax, don’t look… Our anxieties, our conflicts, our worries are stamped on us, until we put it in a state of tension. Beatrice Cahors says: “the body becomes rigid and releases the energy of the brain in order to mobilize a lot under pressure. We stiffened between the shoulder blades of the cervix. Mobility will allow better brain oxygenation. Little by little, the body regains its power. By working in his position, by eliminating the hindrance, one walks away. This feeling of relaxation can also provide a springboard for other relaxation methods. “Those who are not good at accepting higher education

(hypnosis, alleviating pain, developing their own potential, etc.), for example, because they feel that the person who is being “owned” by the steering committee will find a good compromise. Physiotherapists add that they will first study the body and then find the source of their reflection.

6. Concentration of development

Stretching requires intense concentration, looking at the required poses or stretching exercises to accurately feel the muscles that are working, the posture or attitude of the breath. In order to achieve better elongation, slow execution, participation in this alert state.

A person’s will test

If you don’t work hard, no one will do it for you! If you want the results, you don’t pretend to shrink the quadriceps and tiptoes. Don’t talk easily during the meeting.

8. Rejuvenate

Finally, by mobilizing your body and soul, this gesture or attitude is completely controlled, which allows us to harmonize with our bodies and promote confidence. A service that relaxes in a better muscle and joint performance to restore the unduly lost comfort. And we’re in re wire.


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