How does vertical gardening improve your health


How does vertical gardening improve your health

When you imagine a meditation room, a bright white and silent- retreat comes to mind. If you want to eat, pray, love, you may also have the idea that the lost soul falls in a studio and experiences (quiet) emotional breakdown or life-changing breakthroughs. In MNDFL’s New York flagship store in New York and the new upper east side, you think everything you know about this practice has been turned upside down. While meditation may seem like a lonely activity, MNDFL creates a common welcome space for students to congregate, read, talk and relax. Working with interior decoration company Homepolish and factory design company The Sill and Artisan Moss, The brand has turned out to be a surprisingly warm and decisive non-studio environment. Herringbone floors, neutral and natural elements, and Benjamin Moore’s appropriately named Calm white paint finish the look. You feel completely comfortable turn your mobile phone, kicked your shoes (are required), and sitting in a spacious gray sofa (not required, but encouraged) quiet reading a free glass of turmeric ginger tea. A design element has become a brand symbol: a living wall. At MNDFL’s first studio, on eighth street, the large vertical garden became an Instagram phenomenon. But it’s not just for the show – beautiful green plants have some unexpected benefits. Read on to learn more about how indoor plants improve your meditation practice and your health.

They promote deep breathing MNDFL chief executive Ellie Burrows, who first hatched the idea for a living wall in Mexico. She stumbled upon the entire facade of a building that had been irrigated and shaded, and immediately panted for its beauty. “I saw the vertical garden and breathed in awe,” she said. “The beautiful walls suddenly caught my breath, and I wanted to recreate it within a small area of MNDFL. I had seen similar reactions in the studio, when people first saw our greening. For a place that focuses on breathing patterns, it looks like kismet.

They keep quiet wood as an important theme for MNDFL studios. In fact, the upper east side has a flat wall of moss and ferns, and it has a dual purpose of absorbing and eliminating noise before it reaches the studio. “We want to include natural and inconspicuous elements,” says Burrows. “In fact, we use all the elements: wood on the floor and walls, the earth on the plants, the metal in the lamps, the water in our tea, and the flame of the candle.

One obvious benefit of bringing outdoor activities to indoor plants is that they can see the outdoor activities that new yorkers need very much. Better yet, they make the indoor air fresher. “Plants make the room happier! It’s a great reminder of the natural world to really brighten up people’s day, in this concrete jungle, in winter, “bross said. According to Artisan Moss, “plants absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, create humidity, and naturally filter the harmful toxins in indoor air.” There’s no seasonal affective disorder.

They are relaxing plants not just to improve any given room aesthetic or oxygen flow; They also have proven health benefits. “Plants give us a lot, and they don’t want too much (except for some light and water),” said syl. “They have been shown to promote our feelings, increase our attention, productivity and creativity, they can ease the pressure on our daily life, give us a sense of peace and harmony.” Next time you feel a little down, consider stopping to smell the roses.

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits of vertical gardens (or even more potted plants), how do you choose the best type? Look at the light, says workman moss. “First of all, we chose our choice according to the natural lighting conditions of the space. Due to the lack of bright sunlight, we chose plants with medium light conditions. Lichen and fern plants are treated with light plant food preservatives to ensure that no maintenance is needed, suitable for bills, and small fleshy plants for accents. Now all that’s left to do is grab a mat and breathe in.


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