Check the landlord and their dog Airbnb camping experience


Check the landlord and their dog Airbnb camping experience

The story originally appeared in the dog’s life

It should be simple: spend the night with the dog under the stars. This is the work in the New York stock exchange Michael DE Agostino (Michael D ‘Agostino), when he and his wife, and his dog to go camping together, they look forward to some peace and quiet, their dog glittering under the stars in the sky free.

It doesn’t work the way they think. Their camp is right next to the bathroom. On the other hand, a group of fractious campers gathered all night. “It’s like camping in times square,” says d ‘agostino. There were so many people around that they had to put the dog in the tent. Freedom from great outdoor running. When they decided to go camping, it wasn’t what they thought.

After a sleepless night, they packed up their tents. They think they can save their weekends by staying at local accommodation and breakfast, only to be told they don’t accept dogs. They had no choice but to return to the city. Back in the car, Baxter said, they passed a beautiful field. “I hope we can camp there,” says D ‘agostino.

Townsend, each camp are equipped with a large wooden platform, large canvas, bed, adirondack chair, wood stove, picnic tables, dry storage, water gallons sun shower, camping toilet, a pit of fire, etc. Experience starts at $127 per night. There is even a “barbaric” rule. “Many camps offer a small fee, including luxury bedding, cooking and catering supplies, firewood, farm fresh produce and eggs, as well as the rental of kaas and bicycles.” The camp can accommodate up to 12 campers and provide additional dome tents for the team.

Tentrr doesn’t just take any encampment. Is known as the “farmers” land owner must fill in the online questionnaire, to determine whether their property is meeting the needs of Tentrr: ten acres or more for site or near the surface of land use of swimming water, only a short drive to get to the restaurant and activity places. ‘we’re looking for a’ amazing factor, ‘Ms. Townsend says. “If a property meets these requirements, Tentrr will send a scout to look at the property and make sure it will be a great Tentrr camp.”

Of course, dogs are at the heart of the Tentrr experience. “Dogs and dog owners can hike, run, swim, kayak, ride mountain bikes, cook hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill,” Townsend said. In addition, many campers offer an additional tour guide experience such as fly-fishing, hunting, or hiking for campers and dog designs.

Townsend counseled the campers to prepare their dogs for outdoor activities, advising people to place lice and flea protection on their pups, and to check the ticks often during outdoor experiences. “We encourage all campers with pets to buy tick twister, which can be easily removed from pets.” Of course, humans should also store insect repellents.

Most Tentrr camp is two hours away from Hudson Valley and Catskills in New York City. The company plans to expand its Tentrr site in the northeast this summer and plans to launch more sites in the Pacific northwest in late 2017.

“Tentrr is about making outdoor activities easier,” Townsend says. “this includes being able to travel with your dog without having to worry about finding a dog that suits you.



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