19 things to do when you can’t sleep (better than staring at the clock)


19 things to do when you can’t sleep (better than staring at the clock)

When I was a child, I went through a “sleep difficult” phase – I woke up in the wake of my waking three, hysterically crying for my parents to comfort me. About a few months every night. Let me just say that this is my least favorite memory (and my parents).

But one of the things that popped up at that time was my mother’s advice to help me calm down. She would tell me to close my eyes and take a treasure chest. Then she told me to put all my thoughts one by one on the chest – when I finished, lock it up.

I’m not saying it’s the ultimate solution to sleep (although I admit, I occasionally use it when I’m homesick). But I know that when you’re feeling nervous, anxious, or worried about what you’re going to bring to you tomorrow, you need to take more rest to struggle.

So, when you can’t close, it’s best to have a backup strategy – I now have 19 options for you to try (unless you’re reading in the office, don’t try to sleep).

1. Positive thinking

It’s easy, according to science, to get rid of your thoughts and negative thoughts (” so late, I’ll never sleep at this speed, “” I’ll be tired tomorrow.” “This stink” makes you calm down and make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Choose one thing to focus on

Do you know they always try to count sheep? So, focusing on a specific item (such as a stuffed box) may be exactly what you need to sleep on. Choose to focus on your breath, or repeat a calm mantra over your head – as long as it’s not “I can’t sleep” because it’s above.

3. Pretend to be tired

Cheat your brain, think you’re exhausted and pretend you are. If you are tired, like drooping eyes, dark room, or sink into the bed feeling, be absorbed in the various things, you will feel and before you know it, you may experience to them!

Adjust your temperature

What is your ideal sleep environment? Even if you can’t control your home’s heating and cooling systems, you can control your body. So, when you’re too hot, put the fan in your face, or tie it together when you’re too cold. Science says the ideal sleep temperature is 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s best to shoot!

5. Read

No, not on your Kindle or phone, but with a solid paper book to help you, here are 21 books recommended by career coaches. Dim the lights (or lights) in your room so that you can read comfortably and don’t have to worry about remembering a story or getting to a page until you feel sleepy.

6. Listen to the music

Now, I’m not suggesting that you go to the explosion of intense album (unless the album for you), but some simple, audio, minimal percussion May be the perfect choice for let your eyes droop.

Try podcasts or audiobooks

Choose your favorite podcast, or an audio book with no action, preferably a dense one, and quiet your mind with soothing sounds. It’s not about preserving information, it’s about giving yourself some comforting background noise.

Bonus tip: try a podcast with me, which means letting you sleep (you’ll be surprised at how it works).

8. Or white noise

Sometimes the unbearable silence makes you feel uncomfortable – so try a white noise app to fill the space with subtle sounds.

9. A meditation app

Downloading a breathing app, such as a top space, or a natural sound app, will soothe your thoughts and make you feel like you’re taking a nap on the beach.

(for more ambience applications, try these eight free options!)

10. The tensile

Yes, you can do this without getting up. Lean your legs against the wall to calm your central nervous system, or try to relax your body with a happy baby pose or baby pose. Or, do some calf and arm exercises and exercise in the back, releasing any excess tension.

Relax from head to toe

A colleague swear: start with your toes, focus on every muscle, tell yourself “my feet are sleepy” and “my right leg is trapped,” “my stomach in bed,” but you relax your body of each part. She said she would never surpass her hips!

Try 4-7-8 exercises

According to science, focusing on your breathing reduces your heart and blood pressure, which is the main reason for drowsiness.

So, try this technique:

Inhale for four seconds

Hold your breath for seven seconds

Exhale for eight seconds


Journal of 13.

If your mind RACES, pick up a notebook and jot down every idea you have – don’t make it linear or beautiful, just take everything, until you have no idea and start getting tired.

The things that keep you alive

If you find something nagging at you to stay awake, don’t pretend it will disappear. Whether a quick response to the email (or store it up in the morning, when you are able to correctly spell check), write down some ideas for the upcoming presentations, even before you forget to take out the trash, can let sleep easier. Just don’t spend the whole night working on it!

Do your least favorite task

As the Muse writer Varci Vartanian puts it: “if it’s after sleep, do something less than you enjoy it! “If it’s 20 minutes, you haven’t drifted out, got out of bed, attacked the most boring, most exciting tasks imaginable,” Dr. Stein said. Sleep seems to be more welcoming, with a half-an-hour theory of college textbook literature filled with dust.

Or, even just thinking about it is enough to get you to sleep.

Drink something hot

Making a cup of hot milk with honey (I swear it’s delicious) or decaffeinated tea can warm up your body. Want more options? Here are 10 drinks that can help you fall asleep and get scientific support!

Stick to your feet

Keeping calm makes you more likely to lose weight, according to Yup research. So take them off the cover and doze off

Cover your eyes

Even if your room is very dark, there may be some light coming in. So, if you don’t have an eye mask, grab a warm towel (soak and microwave a few seconds) or a T-shirt that covers your eyes and lets you see sleep.

Watch a good movie or browse the web

I don’t want to be the ones who browse through social media or watch Netflix because the obvious screen may not be the best idea – but I wouldn’t say they don’t work. Because sometimes you just need a comforting movie or TV show or Imgur endless scrolling to distract you from insomnia.

That is to say, try everything else first, because it can also backfire and become a long, unproductive night of technology.


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