Kim Kardashian reached peak IDGAF in a thong bikini


The paparazzi shot Kim Kardashian on a girl trip to celebrate courtney’s birthday, and he showed her buttocks in a cleavage standard bikini. As for bikinis tend to do this.

We know that. This is not news. We’ve seen king’s famous butt, a thousand times? If you pay attention to her on any of her social media accounts, you will know that the mirror image has almost no clothes and is a fairly common occurrence. In fact, she posted a picture of herself on her Snapchat, in a Dior bikini.

The difference is that this time, we usually see Kim on her Instagram or Snapchat with no highly planned, edited, filtered, and painted photos. This time, her ass looks like a bum. Real fat. (panting!)

Some have reacted positively to the precious photos of Kim but. But of course, as the world we live in predicted, the Internet trolls have a shameful place in the world. Because obviously, when she is in an obvious way to express their own ass, her ass is good: on the cover of “Paper” magazine with oil pasting, or use a white sheet perfectly posed as a small leather, rather than using the natural and inornate, not present in the form of.


Kim seems to have handled the body with a sense of humor in this article, as part of a series of tweets that update followers in her Mexican adventure:

Oh, as for you to ask me? I’m just sitting on my spotless body on the beach

She followed a enjoy oreo milkshake Twitter video, she call themselves “little pig”, and we can be thought of as a nifty swept gently in her hair and friend jean Atkins who “shaking” she moved.

But she doesn’t care what people think of her orange peels? So, she USES the thong bikini to continue her first action, further to show off her ass on the beach all the glory unfiltered any paparazzi all (paparazzi) who care.

Whether you like it or not, or think her ass is fake, at the end of the day, the girl is just like the rest of us. Like 90% of women, she has fat.

In fact, she basically said that in June 2010. “I have orange peel tissue, just like almost every other woman on earth, just because my body feels safe doesn’t mean I think orange peel is cute! She said. “It’s always a problem for me, so we just say it’s a work in progress!” She added.

Oddly, in the same interview, she talked about learning to be confident in her curves and talking about her tabloid “ugly” bikini photos. She said, “yeah, initially I was bothering me, but I told myself that everyone, especially the curvy women, had my problems.

So after seven years, two children, Kim’s physical problems are just as understandable as the rest of us. Like public discussion of her with psoriasis, stretch marks, a third of the baby, lose weight of pregnancy, anxiety, and even chilling robbery through Paris, we expect that this topic may at some point in KUWTK appear.

But whether Kim has uttered the orange peels, the IDGAF t-pants bikini, actually says: don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t bend, be confident, and have fat.

As a compatriot of a woman and proud owner of fat butt, I one, appreciate the reminder.


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