Why exercise in the winter can help you burn more calories


We usually in the cold weather as an excuse to exercise indoors (or, in the room on the sofa eating cheese), but new research suggests that provide winter running or cross-country adventure is worth it. Why is that? You can burn more calories.
A study by the university of Albany found that those who were hiking at 15 to 23 degrees were 34 percent more likely to burn than those who trekked in their 50s. To smash excess calories, because in cold weather, our bodies have to burn extra energy to keep warm.
In addition, the study, which included men and women, found that most women gained weight while losing weight while men did not. One of the authors of the study, the anthropologist Carla arbor booker (Cara Ocobock) pointed out: “women can control more colds than men, because, on average, they have more body fat, and can use these fat stores to promote activity. (go, girl)
Guess it’s time to invest in a pair of good gloves and dig our old skates out of the garage.


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