Here is every single item on the Starbucks Holiday 2017 menu


Again this time of year! November 1 is the beginning of the new season – at least Starbucks customers. After Halloween, the autumn drinks disappear, and the festival begins, which means drinks, treats, and of course cups for everyone to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

The Holiday Cup is one of the most anticipated Starbucks products of the season, and this year coffee giants are changing the situation with the launch of the first color cup with holiday and winter themed illustrations that customers can color themselves.
These new cups are likely to be a direct response to Starbucks past criticism of their Holiday Cup, especially in 2015, its minimalist red cup is not considered “Christmas.” Starbucks said the color cups are by far the most “inclusive cup” because consumers can mean color, graffiti and sketches to them in the seasons.
Other new items this season include Starbucks Blonde Americano Nuevo, which is essentially a classic American jasmine and hazelnut syrup. Fan Chestnut Nut Latte (which will be back this season) is getting Chai Cha’s treatment (much like a pumpkin spice latte) and Starbucks offers chestnut nut syrup, light sweet chai, chestnut milk and spiced nut breaded. There’s also a toasted white mocha, including a brand new Starbucks roasted white chocolate mocha sauce, espresso coffee, and steamed milk served with creamy and sugared cranberry sugar. It can enjoy hot, ice or as Frappuccino.


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