These amazing gym deals will inspire you to sign up and sweat more in 2018


January 1 each year almost always ranked top? You guessed right: lose weight, last year, more than 20 percent set the goal of the New Year. More exercise often goes into the top 10. With these numbers in mind, you may be looking for a new gym to exercise.
This is a perfect time to sign up even this time of the year you know the weight room and class will be crazy. Many gyms offer discounts on new membership fees (or they charge nada sweet). They also set up new programs and even offer bonuses to encourage you to be your best self. There are 11 fitness centers throughout the country that will make it easier for you to start right-footed 2018.
Planetary fitness

From January 1 to January 10, the registration fee is only $ 1. Then, Standard Membership is $ 10 per month, or PF Black Card Membership is $ 21.99 per month. (PF Black Card includes the added benefit of, for example, bringing guests free per visit, visiting all 1,400 locations, using HydroMassage beds, massage chairs, etc.)

Gold gym

Starting in January, the Gold Medal Gym will host a 12-week signature body modification competition at participating gymnasiums throughout the United States. The game will be offered to members not only to help improve overall health, but also to give participants the chance to win one of the $ 100,000 cash awards.

From December 31 to January 2 and on weekends, all your lifetime destinations are open to all, whether you are a member or not. From January 1 to January 30, Promise Fit Campaigns for members and non-members are hosted at all venues, including promotions such as Yoga Week, Studio Week, and Cycle Week. If you want to be a member, ask them for special rates.

Set your alarm clock: January 1 at 10 am, the sixth annual “5K Happy and Social” activities are the country’s 40 end points. This event is open to all and aims to help people make promises of a healthy year. On January 21, 40 indoor triathlons ($ 30 registration) will be held in 40 locations.

24 hours fitness

On December 26, the chain launched 24GO, a bespoke tutoring application that connects you with personal workout in the gym or at home, for members and non-members. Starting January 2018, the membership fee for selecting all clubs to pay monthly membership is $ 0. (The starting cost varies by club, but ranges from $ 39.99- $ 89.99.) You also get two new items by becoming a member: Zumba (60 minutes of intense workout) and Team USA Bootcamp so you Can be trained like the Olympics during the 2018 Winter Olympics).

XSport fitness

In January, you will score a $ 0 entry fee. To prevent the decline in attendance from appearing in February, XSport plans to provide a $ 50,000 prize over a 100-day period. Participants work weekly with the trainer to supplement the goals that support them and weighed at the completion of the project. Women and men who have the highest percentage of body fat at each club level will be rewarded. The winner of the Fitness Challenge Grand Prix will take home the $ 50K prize pack.

UFC gym

This one you have to jump before January 1, but you still have time. From December 18 to December 31, you receive a $ 25 Gift Card when you purchase the ultimate or fitness member of the UFC Health Club at the participating venue.

There is a new promotion at Barry-Yoga Spa Hybrid which is open to all (not just newbies!). You can buy a new membership type – “Spa + Yoga” – $ 200, including four classes and spa. In addition, there are 10% boutique shopping and private training courses, as well as five additional permits for friends and family.


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