Challenge yourself to do a killer workout every day for the “5 Minute Fit” series


Nike senior trainers Kirsty Godso and Joe Holder are BFF, they like to promote each other, get the most benefit from training. For a healthy 5-Minute Fit Challenge (# 5MinstoFit), they’ve teamed up to design super-efficient kicking routines that can be adjusted, trimmed and sculpted almost instantly. Commit to doing a routine every day, and in less than two weeks you will be able to accomplish your task successfully.

In each of the exercise videos below, Kirsty and Joe take turns hints (but another demo) so you benefit from their style – Kirsty’s love of speed and form, and Joe’s focus on functional fitness.

The best part? Exercises are completely customizable: so if you have more than 5 minutes, you can string together several exercises for a longer period of time. But no matter what you do, do not flinch. As Joe said, “We do not give you any junk maneuvers, so we do not want junk representations.” Let’s go!
Exercise 1: EMOM

EMOM (one minute per minute) is a workout that starts with a new workout every 60 seconds. The following routine is a good way to work your entire body in a short period of time. Once you have completed the recipe code for each step, rest and recover the rest of the minute before starting the next exercise. Perform the five steps as fast as possible while maintaining the proper form.

For longer workout, you can repeat the track, or as a Terminator intensive training. Watch the video and follow the action that Kirsty leads and Joe demonstrates.
Exercise 2: Plyo Ladder Back

This routine combines three lower extremities for your limbs, lower legs and hamstrings. Joe said it was a huge step back because exercise began with an explosive movement and then slowed down. Order is important: Squat out of your muscles, which helps to maximize strength in the next two exercises. Repeat the circuit five times. Watch the video and act with Costas when talking to them through Chocles.
Exercise 3: AMRAP heart

AMRAP is an acronym for as many delegates as possible – it’s how you motivate your heart rate and start sweating statistics in this 5-minute sequence. Set the timer on your phone to 5 minutes and challenge yourself to complete as many rounds as possible before it runs out.

Keep track of your progress, write down the number of rounds you have completed, and then compare your data each time you repeat this exercise. You will certainly notice improvement over time, but keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity, so do not hit the right form to a larger quantity. Watch the video and sweat with Joe, as Christi says.

Exercise 4: Sprint matrix

This full-body circuit increases your heart rate and builds the main muscle. The first three exercises form a 3D bow change that not only works in your lower half, but also challenges your balance and strengthens your core. Subsequent plyo hop jacks accelerate your stocks and pre-fatigue your muscles so that you get the maximum muscle building blast during the eventual holding of the plank. Watch the video, follow Joe, Kirsty demonstrates exercise.
Exercise 5: Core explosion

This exercise enhances your abdominal muscles, you can do a good posture miracles. Perform a five-minute exercise for one minute, then spend 15 seconds setting the next step. Use this routine alone to locate your core, or add it as a dresser to the end of another exercise. Watch the video and follow the instructions from Joe following Kirsty’s instructions.
Exercise 6: Aerobic clock

This exercise can improve heart rate through a series of exercises with similar exercise patterns. You start at the highest intensity level and slowly slow down to a static hold (best for burning fat). Once you’ve done “all weather”, you start the intense time interval again. Watch the video Kirsty’s demo, and Joe talks about your entire routine.
Exercise 7: AMRAP Power

These three exercise routines increase arm and leg strength while improving core stability. Do as many rounds as possible, but do not forget to keep the proper form. Remember, when you build strength, you can go back and exercise because Kirsty and Joe improve for each workout. (Nodding: You guys would love to watch these two coaches, with a second-round plyo push-up title!) Watch the video and train as Kirsty explains you, and Joe tells you how to do it.
Exercise 8: Ab Activator

If you’ve been dreaming about the washboard’s stomach, this circuit is for you: Joe’s ABC Activation Series will tighten your stomach muscles and awaken your arms and hips. Joe’s practice as a former university athlete and functional fitness master tends to combine several muscle groups, so even though the exercise is focused on strengthening your abdominal muscles, you can still get a good total body burn in the process. Watch the video and follow Joe Kirsty through her pace.
Exercise 9: Ladder Challenge

This high-strength circuit consisting of two alternating maneuvers – skipping and jumping lunge is a great way to improve strength and endurance. As fast as possible, repeat 10 times to 8 times, then 6 times, 4 times, and 2 times while maintaining good condition. Kirsty offers modifications throughout the exercise to move as quickly and efficiently as possible while tired.

Set your phone’s timer to see if you can ladder exactly 5 minutes without having to disconnect for more than 10 seconds between rounds. Watch the video, followed by a look at Joe Bobby and lunging his heart.
Exercise 10: Glory Gluten

With this circuit, Joe wants to solve your drowsy syndrome – the common condition of people who sit all day long at work and wake up to the back chain. Watch the video and follow Joe Coach Kirsty through a series of motivations that will strengthen and carve these peaches. You may want to recruit your workout partners to help put additional pressure on them and support these challenging initiatives.


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